About Us... We are bikers, gear  heads, mechanics, environmentalists, artists, lawyers, musicians, sk8rs, skiers, outdoors people and we all share the same passion to make our planet a more livable place for generations to come.  And to have a lot of fun doing it!

 "All Things Green for All Green Commuters"

Mission Statement; Our goal is to provide the community with viable and environmentally friendly alternatives to the car for shorter journeys in order to reduce the emissions that are harming our environment while reducing our dependence on foreign oil. We are confident that Bicycles and Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), electric assist bikes specifically, are capable of becoming this alternative form of transportation but only if desirable products are brought to the market at reasonable cost to the consumer.

Our vision is to make a positive influence in the community we serve.  We believe that riding bicycles and electric assist bikes is a common sense solution to the ever increasing cost of transportation, heavy traffic congestion and will promote a healthier life style for all ages. People who ride bikes and electric assist bikes are ultimately more connected to their communities      

Our pledge to The Green Commuter customer and the community is to be a premier provider of products and services for commuters who want to reduce their carbon footprint.  We pledge to fully research and test products before we bring them to the market, assuring our customers that they are buying only the highest quality products in their price range. We will provide an honest, thorough and well trained sales and service staff with a goal of total customer satisfaction. We pledge to employ green, sustainable and fair business practices.